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ColdFusion Manual Configuration & Issues with TCP ports 51011, 51010 and 51800 on IIS and Apache

ColdFusion works by configuring your web server (IIS, or Apache) to execute files with known extensions (.cfm, .cfml, .cfc et al) to run as script. And for doing that ColdFusion comes with a small and important tool called “wsconfig”. Problem: At times, regardless of operating system and the web server you are using, the ColdFusion installation will fail to configure web-server due to your network settings or firewall/security settings. When running wsconfig tool, you may encounter errors similar to the following: Could not connect to any JRun/ColdFusion servers on host localhost. Possible causes: Server not running - Start Macromedia JRun4 or ColdFusion server Server running - JNDI listen port in blocked by TCP/IP filtering or firewall on server - host restriction in blocking communication with server Snapshot above shows one of t