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ColdFusion Certification Exam - John Ceci suggests Project Submission

Past month I have been trying to find a solution to revive the image of ColdFusion certification exam and it seems that John Ceci of FlagsPlus has a viable solution. He wrote to me in response to my question on certification issue. I am quoting him as is. In a nutshell, he is suggesting that certifications rather be practical and Adobe should review a project submitted by a candidate before awarding certification. John suggests: If I were to say something to Adobe about the certification process I would say focus in on the core concepts and processes as well as the under the hood elements of ColdFusion. Of the last two programmers I hired neither had ever used the CF Admin nor did the[y] know anything about the logs files, mail queue or anything else having to do with CFusion directory. One of the great features CF gives us as developers is a great core tag set (with 5-10 tags you can do almost anything) and then when you need to do something besides them, they have great document