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If You Ever Wanted to Know How JavaScript Conditional Operators Executes

A basic conditional operators && OR || execution demo in JavaScript:

Tag-Team Death Match: Flash & ActionScript V/S HTML5 & JavaScript

Much has been said about HTML5 and its proponent frequently compare HTML5 to Flash. Many of those proponents try to malign Adobe’s Flash in many ways. Neil Webb has already written a perfect article presenting his counter-points to HTML5 proponents . HTML5 Applications are nothing without JavaScript. Similarly, Flash Applications are nothing without ActionScript. I don’t wish to talk about how good or bad the features offered by HTML5 are when compared to Flash’s features. Let’s see if you can use HTML5 in your projects today!

Unable to Receive Email Messages on Your Google Apps Custom Domain?

It happened to me when I added a CNAME record for “”. Simple solution: I deleted the CNAME and used A Record to point my root domain “” to my hosting server. CNAME Records use host-names to point to a server, while an A Record uses host’s IP Address to point to a server. I have been using Google Apps for email of this account since a year without a glitch. But I had to update this domain’s A Records and CNAME. So instead of changing my A Record, I deleted it and created a CNAME record to point to my hosting server. Too bad, Google Apps didn’t like it. Emails sent to me started bouncing back to senders. Yes, it is possible to add any CNAME Records  even when using Google Apps Custom Domain Email. So it will work if you add sub-domains or It will simply not work if a CNAME is used for the root domain, as in “”. The root domain should only be pointed to your host server using A Record. Hope this wi