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[removed] Compare Time in SQL (without using date)

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Run IIS, and Apache Together Without Multiple IP Addresses

Many people want to run both IIS and Apache Web Server together. We have already blogged on similar lines: how to add or assign multiple IP addresses to your computers and how to configure their hosts files to loopback virtual hosts to development servers and how to run IIS and Apache together when your computer has multiple IP addresses. Additionally, we have written about configuring Apache to handle different hostnames . This post will help you run IIS and Apache Web Server together even if you can't manage to add multiple IP addresses (may be because your ISP refuses to assign you so).

Add or Assign Multiple IP addresses on Windows or Linux to run IIS and Apache Web Server or Other Servers together

If you want to run more than two servers, say IIS and Apache Web Server on your system then your administrator needs to add IP aliases to your system in order to achieve this functionality. Here are some simple steps on some of the more popular operating system varieties.