Hello World! Hello Beijing 2008!

Hello World! Welcome to Codecurry. It is a privilege to post the very first entry for Codecurry, a blog focused on providing technical briefs on Rich Internet Applications, software technologies, computers and communications.

My name is Sameer Gupta, I'm an Adobe Certified Professional and an entrpreneur. I work with Atos Origin and my tenure with them ends on 14th August '08. I am looking forward to give complete focus to my business plans and a lot of time to Codecurry.

My twin brother Sagar Gupta, again a Certified Adobe ColdFusion MX 7 Advanced Developer [and technology entrepreneur] will also share his thoughts on Adobe technologies in this blog. He has worked on many ColdFusion and Flash projects, and is currently heading the development of JustTring.com - Flex RIA which will enable video calling.

Atos Origin, if you are not aware, provides infrastructure that powers Olympics and since the Game opens today, it must be obvious why Beijing Summer Olympics for a Hello World introductory post.

Beijing Olympic Games videos are available on Beijing 2008 channel in YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/beijing2008. You can also visit http://www.nbcolympics.com/, to the catch the action LIVE.

Sagar and I chose yesterday this day as the launch day for Codecurry because it is very special to a lot many people. In fact, the summer Olympic Games in Beijing began on 8/8/8, at 8:08 p.m.

The date is not just catchy but has a lot meaning to the Chinese. Fame and good fortune is more often associated in China with eight, a number which is associated with positive meanings in Buddhism and Taoism, as well as in Japanese Shintoism.

Jack Tresidder has an entry on eight in his books of symbols: The eight sided form of the Christian baptistery is a symbol of rebirth to eternal life. The octagon was perceived as a form of mediating between the square and circle which represent the earth and the heaven respectively and therefore implying a spiritual rite of passage. In the arcane of numbers, eight was itself a symbol of renewal... The Chinese pronunciation for eight (ba in Mandarin and paat in Cantonese) sounds similar to the word for prosperity (fa in Mandarin and faat in Cantonese). Numbers play a large role in choosing a date for any special event in China (as well as in India).

Numerology is a big hit in India. Tough we aren't into any numerology we decided to launch Codecurry on this day since a lot many people are hoping to bring them luck. Just think about this, 8/8/8 will witness more marriages than any other day in China this year. Those couples are putting so much hope on the 8/8/8. The Chinese planned and scheduled the Olympic Games on this day and began the Opening Ceremony exactly at 8:08 p.m. So, it does make a lot of sense to align yourself with such hope for success and good fortune.